"The young quartet "Cosmic Combo” thrive in a fusion of Rock, Blues and Funk or how they like to call it, Spacid Rock. With the main sound being influenced by the 60s and early 70s Rocksound but flourishing with briliant funky progresions, that one might jokily (or not) call them The Doors of the 21st Century. Released by Setalight Records, the Self-titled LP by the german group comprises of seven very well crafted tracks clocking in a little over 40 minutes of deep Americana roots music.

As soon as that “Roadhouse Blues Vibe” starts to build in you know that this record is something special... Modern blues compositions come to life with a jazzy drumsdancing madly in the arms of a funky bass while the joyful psychedelic guitar or the acidic hammond organ take turns on the lead closely followed by the deep and profound vocals. Soulful songs develop naturally into the most fluid progressions with the whole band thigh, locked & always on the pocket... like a truly cosmic combo should be. Through the traditional wide spiral of moods and emotions that the love themed lyrics burn, the skills and class displayed overall are nothing short of amazing, adorned either, with powerful solos or clean and hypnotizing transitions. From the lively, raw and wild tracks to the intimate, clean and soft ballads, not forgetting that heavenly acoustic instrumental in between, it´s the ultimate sonic package for the true music lover or the simple blues enthusiastic... the kind that instantly turns fresh material into classics."


Review by THE TEMPLE